Responsibility for Contaminated Land Clean Up

A) According to the Brantford Expositor, Brantford city council’s community services committee recently considered the “costing plan for the (Mohawk-Greenwich) brownfield site clean up, which carried a $34.89-million price tag.”

B) It was stated that the clean up would be completed in 2015-16.

C) A councilor later moved to defer the decision: “hoping to get firmer numbers on what the city would actually have to spend to clean up the site—though the best estimates on that wouldn’t be available until detailed reporting is done, expected by the summer of 2013.”

If all the details of a clean up plan are not known, where did the $34.89-million price tag and the completion date of 2015-16 come from?

From a management perspective, the City of Brantford doesn’t have its ducks in order.

But, from a taxpayer’s perspective, the overriding issue here is that the clean up of contaminated land is the responsibility of those who caused the contamination—not taxpayers!

The next step for the City of Brantford is to contact those who caused the contamination at the Greenwich-Mohawk brownfield site and determine a detailed plan for clean up.

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