Sunshine List: all or nothing

In case you missed it, Brant OPP didn’t give specifics on their staff contained in the 2016 Sunshine List of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional.  Similarly, there are no particulars on the four people who work at the Brantford Jail.

These facts are some of what Ms. Susan Gamble uncovered in the story linked below.

Here’s another:  the Ministry of Education use to give names of teachers and principals at W. Ross McDonald School (provides services to people with sight impairments) in Brantford, Ontario.  Not anymore.

If Ontario is going to continue the Sunshine List, and it should, include all public servants.

She also poses some provocative questions about the list:

“Should the CEO of the local Community Care Access Centre, at $322,500, make more than a local judge, at $284,200?  This is a case of MBA-itis; no CCAC needs a CEO.  A General Manager will do just fine thank you very much.

And, “Does the governing council of the Salvation Army really need to have 36 people on the list?”  Who knew the Sally Ann was on the public purse.  Why?  And, why the provincial purse?  The Governing Council is a corporation created by a special act of Canada’s Parliament; that puts it under federal jurisdiction.

We’re getting a headache.


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