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OH! Canada … cough … cough … poof!

Cough! Hey, dudes what’s up with like closing down my pot shop … er … I mean m-e-d-i-c-a-l  m-a-r-i-j-u-a-n-a  d-i-s-p-e-n-s-a-r-y? My potheads … er … I mean c-l-i-e-n-t-s are like complainin’. Where are they goin’ get their fix … er … Continue reading

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Thanks for stable, non-sensationalized, less intrusive government

Yes, there are Canadians who still have more than a modicum of class and decency who wish to thank Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his years of service to Canada. You’d never know this because of the liberal love-in over … Continue reading

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Do Politicians Understand the Meaning of Commitment?

Elected office is a privilege granted by voters.  Part of accepting the nomination to be a candidate, and the outcome of an election is to commit to serve out the full term of office.  The only time a politician should … Continue reading

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Term Limits! Term Limits! Term Limits!

Many of the results of the recent municipal elections in Ontario, Canada indicate that in order to preserve, improve and renew the democratic process and municipal government, the following changes need to be legislated: 1) Three term limit (twelve years) … Continue reading

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