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What are you doing to stop carbon tax & cap-and-trade schemes?

Need some motivation? Listen to what Dr. Judith Curry has to say about so-called human-made climate change.  Try not to be distracted by the representative from the political class. Ask your self:  why didn’t this make your local newstainment media’s … Continue reading

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Carbon tax/cap’n trade OR environment ministries, dept.

Provincial environment ministers met yesterday in Ottawa to forge an agreement with their federal counterpart on a price for carbon.  That was until the “floor price” of $10 a tonne on carbon was proclaimed from on high.  Premier Brad Wall … Continue reading

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When in doubt, distract

Do you remember The Drummond Report? In this link Ms. Candice Malcolm refreshes our memories about the 12 step prescription written (at taxpayers’ expense) in 2012 by economist, Mr. Don Drummond to treat the Ontario government’s ailing finances. An ailment that … Continue reading

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