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What’s your favourite tree worth?

The U.S. Forest Service’s Northern Research Station in Syracuse, New York has come up with a way to put a dollar value on a tree.  Here’s what they found (for more detail see link below): $19 M annually in reduced … Continue reading

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Self-driving cars will change cities big time

Mr. Seth Godin in the link below gives us a peek into a future without autonomous cars.  It will happen sooner than you think.  And, given how cities have catered to drivers and their cars, it’s not all good.  The … Continue reading

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Hamilton Must Focus on Using the Land It Has Instead of Wanting an “Aerotropolis”

Cities in southern Ontario, especially the so-called “golden” horseshoe (looking more like a “tarnished” horseshoe these days) must get over their addiction to more, more and more land.  Case in point, The City of Hamilton wishes to chew up farmland … Continue reading

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Use Existing Buildings Before Building New Ones, Part 3

Why was this commercial outdoor mall built at the corner of Wayne Gretzky Parkway and Henry St. in Brantford, Ontario   when the following vacant buildings on Colborne and Dalhousie Sts. in Brantford were not used to their full potential. … Continue reading

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A Downtown is “A Place Where Everybody Wants to Be”

As many cities in North America work to revitalize their downtowns, they need to remember that a city’s downtown, its core, its centre, its heart is a place for all citizens. Donlyn Lyndon, professor emeritus of architecture and urban design … Continue reading

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To Improve Ontario Cities, It Is Time To Say Good-Bye to The Ontario Municipal Board

The issue of abolishing the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) needs to be a talking point in the 2011 Ontario election campaign.  It is time for Ontario cities and towns to rally around this issue. Christopher Hume of the Toronto Star … Continue reading

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Rely On the Skill of City Staff, Not Consultants

To better manage taxpayers’ dollars, cities need to encourage city staff to apply their skills to projects.  This will reduce the cost of too much reliance on external consultants.  LaborPress.org reports that “There’s a time and a place for outsourcing … Continue reading

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