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Propagandist newstainment media

Did you notice the subtle and not so subtle nattering about climate change, climate change and more climate change over the holidays.  Given the newstainment media’s on cue desperate voices and the holodeck-like green screen (shiny bauble extraordinaire), you know … Continue reading

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What are you doing to stop carbon tax & cap-and-trade schemes?

Need some motivation? Listen to what Dr. Judith Curry has to say about so-called human-made climate change.  Try not to be distracted by the representative from the political class. Ask your self:  why didn’t this make your local newstainment media’s … Continue reading

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Yoohoo, Ontario PCs … over here

It may be the summer heat that has caused Ontario PCs to loose sight of what are THE issues in Ontario. Let’s start with how the summer was kicked-off.  Who can forget those ominous words from Mr. David Suzuki:  “… … Continue reading

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“Climate change” $henanigans

Mr. Lorrie Goldstein, Canada’s dean of all-things-climate sets us straight on the recent Obama/Trudeau Ottawa love-in. The takeaway from the article below is:  taxpayers should be wary about Prime Minister Trudeau following President Obama’s penchant for outlandish promises on the … Continue reading

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The thought police are busy.

The following words Mr. Kurt Vonnegut give us a good defense against the thought police who have been busy of late with “climate change,” “terrorism” and “gay rights”: “And on the subject of burning books:  I want to congratulate librarians, … Continue reading

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