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Tax Hike Habit

Government can break the tax hike habit by stopping: Bureaucratic bloat Corporate welfare Duplication within government and between governments Encroachment; trying to be all things to all people Entitlement Make work projects Propagating victimhood Social engineering Trying to control science … Continue reading

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No replacement needed for LHINs et al

Nothing needs to replace LHINs, CCAC, Hospital Navigator or whatever other iteration exists of this wasteful layer of government bureaucracy. A family physician, gerontologist or an assessment centre (e.g., Centre for Healthy Aging, St. Peter’s Hospital, Hamilton, ON) are quite … Continue reading

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Colleges and Universities: Make Efficient Use of Campuses

The Drummond report on how to reform Ontario’s public service over and over cites the problem of duplication.  It calls on Ontario colleges and universities to stop duplicating programs.  Consistent with this thinking is the need for colleges and universities to … Continue reading

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