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MPPs/MPs: your contract ends when parliament is dissolved

We understand that constituents of Toronto-Centre may be feeling like pawns. Their MPP, former environment minister, Mr. Glen Murray is resigning effective September 1, 2017.  Mr. Murray is leaving before the 41st Legislative Assembly of Ontario he was elected to … Continue reading

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Citizens get final say on voting reform

The Liberal government in Ottawa appears to want to rush voting reform, to change Canadians’ voting system.  While a facelift for democracy is needed, the Liberals should not try to do this without giving Canadians the final say.  The voting … Continue reading

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Brantford’s athletic complex mania

Mr. Twain was right:  “Truth is stranger than fiction.”  It boggles the mind that the municipality of Brantford, the Ontario government and the Canadian government have no scruples over the apparent inexhaustible use of the taxpayer’s dollar to fund the … Continue reading

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Ontario Election 2014: fear mongering at its best

Here are the lessons we’ve found as we sifted through the entrails of the Ontario Election 2014. 1) Don’t fall for the oldest tricks in the book especially fear mongering. 2) Look past the vacuous sound bites, the fluff of … Continue reading

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Politician’s Contract

Ontario has experienced a rash of Queens’ Park politicians throwing in the towel triggering costly byelections (seven to date).  Now we’re in the throes of two more.  The writs given for 13 February 2014 in Thornhill and Niagara Falls could … Continue reading

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