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Do you have common sense?

If you put your garbage to the curb not more than 24 hours before collection day, you may have common sense. If you use lawnmowers and other noisy tools, machinery in a residential neighbourhood on any day but Sunday, you … Continue reading

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“It’s the pollution, stupid”

It’s not about human-made climate change.  (Robert and Leo, you can go back to acting now.) It’s about human-made pollution. It’s about waste in our air. It’s about sulfur oxides in our air. It’s about nitrogen oxides in our air. … Continue reading

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Instead of Throwing It Out, Consider Giving It Away

How many times have you seen used furniture in perfectly good condition sitting curbside, get chewed up by the garbage truck as if it was regular trash?  Is this a good way to encourage the three “Rs,” Reduce, Recyele and … Continue reading

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