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Former Mayor Rob Ford 1969-2016: the public servant

Some pundits say the “big job” was too much for you.  We can hear your laughter.  Rather, your vision was to big for the political class and their enablers. Mr. Kin Hubbard, American cartoonist and humorist, coined the phrase:  “If … Continue reading

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Mayor Rob Ford Feeding Frenzy: Objective Reporting Anyone?

Is it possible for some news media organizations to dispense with the over-the-top drama, the whining voice, the condescending remarks, the speculation and innuendo when reporting the news? What every happened to the dichotomy between objective news reporting and editorializing? … Continue reading

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Punishment Must Fit the Offence

The bizarre ruling against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford begs the question:  Has the Ontario Judiciary forgotten that punishment must fit the offence? In this case, it is highly questionable whether we can even call this an “offence” because Mayor Ford … Continue reading

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