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Ontarians: feeling manipulated?

Premier Wynne’s constant concessions in the waning days of the Ontario election should give you a clue. Saying she won’t win tomorrow’s election shows she: doesn’t respect the voter doesn’t respect the election process doesn’t respect the Ontario Liberal Party … Continue reading

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Canadian election reform: short list

Listeners to the John Oakley Show on Toronto AM640 radio were asked if they believe pollsters, especially the ones that think they can predict the US presidential race.  A caller to the show made the perfect comment: “I don’t believe … Continue reading

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Canadian voters unite

Here are some suggestions to help Canadian voters survive election day: 1) “REAL Change” sounds a lot like “Choose Change.” The latter was the Ontario Liberal Party’s 2003 campaign slogan under Dalton McGuinty.  If voters like how Ontario has changed … Continue reading

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Elections: no to opinion polls

Improve the vote by: 1) Banning opinion polls during the official election campaign. Why are Canadians (and voters in general) still subjected to distracting and often misleading opinion polls during an election?  Despite all the gobbledegook from pollsters, the attempt … Continue reading

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Polling during elections: Ban it

Look out Ontario, here we go again.  The media’s love of all things polling-during-an-election-campaign is upon us. Polls distract voters! Polling talk takes up valuable time that could be spent on issues! Polling is a futile attempt to predict the … Continue reading

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