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“All thy SONS command,” sing it loud & proud

Why?  To send a message to the political class that seeks to change the lyrics of the Canadian National Anthem: a Canadian does not dishonour the SONS who died horrific deaths on the front lines of WWI a Canadian does … Continue reading

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Mohawk Lake clean up: priorities anyone?

Brantford, Ontario’s latest flavour-of-the-month sexy project is the proposed clean up of Mohawk Lake and canal.  Some politicians love to regale themselves and their groupies in such projects–they look good in campaign literature and make headlines.  (Road maintenance, sewer maintenance, lead-free drinking water systems, … Continue reading

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Priorities, priorities, priorities

If you click here you can see part of the concrete sidewalk and pavers in Brantford, Ontario’s beautiful Victoria Park. Notice the condition of the sidewalk and pavers. Look pretty good don’t they. Well, they have been torn up. This is … Continue reading

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Excellent Cities Have Excellent Streets

Many cities have lost sight of the priority of infrastructure projects.  Smooth, well marked streets and roads are basic infrastructure that can get set aside in favour of more appealing projects. The use a portion of taxpayers’ dollars to develop waterfronts … Continue reading

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