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Brantford Police former headquarters ok for homeless

Once upon a time the former Brantford Police headquarters on Greenwich St. was “sinking.”  Hence the push in the 80s for a new headquarters; the latest incarnation is at Wayne Gretzky Parkway and Elgin St. (no reports of sinking, yet). … Continue reading

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Should county pay for public rec complex in city?

Consider the building of a public sector recreation complex in a city.  Despite being fraught with questions about need, affordability and location, construction is starting soon.  Consistent with the affordability question, some of the main players seek financial help from … Continue reading

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Ontario teachers unions: spoiled

In recent weeks we’ve again gotten a glimpse of the militancy of Ontario teachers unions; for example, the work-to-rule campaign, particularly the report card ruckus of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO). For over a decade, Ontario’s teachers (and … Continue reading

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