Term limits: up to voters to manage

Its municipal election time in Ontario.

Hundreds of new candidates have filled out a nomination form and paid the fee (deadline is this Friday).

They are on the hustings across the province.

Bravo for their initiative.

Has the political system been improved in the last four years to give them a better chance of achieving a mandate?

Not in terms of term limits.

Many of our incumbents who have served multiple terms, bless their little hearts, suffer from a common human traitattachment.  It’s  called the “Hazel McCallion Syndrome.”  They just can’t muster the fortitude, in the spirit of George Washington (his inspiration may have been the one year term used in ancient Greece and the ancient Roman Republic), and say:

“I’ve had by say;

I’ve done my time;

now its time someone else had a say.”

We shall overcome.


With legislation that sets term limits.

Until then, you can find the prescription here that will, in part, remedy our sagging political system.



Why a one year term system in ancient times you ask?

Wikipedia says it best:  “According to historian Mr. Garrett Fagan, office holding in the Roman Republic was based on “limited tenure of office” which ensured that “authority circulated frequently”, helping to prevent corruption.”

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