The Christmas Season in October and November? NOT!

What is more annoying, Christmas music played in stores in October, or Christmas trees lying by the curb on December 26?

There is much confusion about when the Christmas season starts and ends.  As much as retailers want us to believe that the Christmas season starts in October or November, this is not the case.  The Christmas season or Yuletide is the period from Christmas Eve to the evening of 5 January the day before the Epiphany (in some traditions the season ends a bit later).  That is how the Christmas carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” got its title.  Despite the questionable benefits to retailers of a longer season, the “Christmas creep” gets worse every year.  Analysts at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania have said,  “an extended Christmas season is something of a mixed bag.  It may hold advantages, disadvantages – or even no advantages – for store owners.”  Now that we have this cleared up, we can relax and put more joy into the Christmas season instead of more days.

Just think of the saving on the cost of electricity if municipal Christmas lights were not turned on until 24 December?

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