The Hard Solution Works Better in the End

When looking for the solution to a problem, do we choose the hard solution or the easy solution?

The hard solution, while requiring more energy in various forms, often produces the better result.  Take the case of repairing interlocking stones on a sidewalk.  The easy solution is to dump concrete or asphalt into the damaged area, as has been done in Brantford, Ontario.  This may solve the problem temporarily, but the result is not attractive or exceptional.

In The Inner Game of Tennis, Mr. Timothy Gallwey says that true value lies in giving maximum effort to a task in a concentrated and determined way.  This applies to tennis as well as any other discipline.  Replacing the damaged stones with new stones takes more time, but the outcome is far more desirable.  When we produce work that we can take pride in a ripple effect occurs that can inspire others.

Excellent care of infrastructure, even the proper repair of something as seemingly unimportant as a broken interlocking stone, enhances the perception of a city.

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