The Need for a Referendum

A city that aspires to excellence knows that for extraordinary circumstances, referendums are necessary.

Case in point is the south side of Colborne Street in Brantford, Ontario.  The decision to demolish fourty-one derelict buildings on the south side of Colborne Street was made by the city council earlier this year.  As unsightly as the buildings were, demolishing fouty-one formerly privately owned buildings was and is beyond the mandate of a city council.  Such an extraordinary circumstance is best dealt with through a formal referendum.

In ACORN, Lloyd Alter, President, Architectural Conservancy of Ontario states in a letter to Mr. Michael Chan, Minister of Tourism and Culture, Government of Ontario regarding this situation:  “Minister, I implore you to issue a Stop Work order at this time. The sixty day hold will ensure that the demolition is delayed until after the municipal election, which will be a referendum on the demolition; a decision by the citizens instead of this group that refuses to listen to reason or entertain any opportunities that would revitalize Colborne Street”.

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