There, there little canadians …

The Liberals don’t like YOUR voting system.

First-past-the-post is so passé

so election reform is the only way,

so they say.

But don’t worry your pretty little heads

its big, complicated.

Spend your time surfing in Tofino instead.

Your $1 Billion-a-year … cloying … er … he’s gone … er … public broadcaster says asking you in a referendum … welllll

… would be a mess;

they have the “experts” and they know what’s best.

So there, there little canadians …

follow the lead of the chosen few

a hike in Gatineau Park seems cool,

or stand up and say:  I’m no fool.

Though its not perfect, first-past-the-post has worked for 149 years:

the problem is the politician whose relationship with voters goes into arrears,

the pollsters and media during elections who bombard your ears;

they proclaim who will win before you vote so you think, why vote?

To quell dysfunction, referendums on the big stuff will keep democracy afloat.

The Swiss show referendums fulfill.

So, little canadians, you get to decide on how to better democracy, but remember Churchill:

it’s the worst except for all the rest.

After all, what they’re really afraid of is that YOU will know what’s best.


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