“Transgender” bill tabled while Fort McMurray burns: Canada’s Neronian moment

While Fort McMurray wildfire threatens oil workers’ sites …

While Fort McMurray residents, whose homes went up in flames, ponder how they will put their lives back together …

While Canadian hostage, Mr. Robert Hall ponders his execution by Muslim extremist group Abu Sayyaf on 13 June unless ransom is paid …

The Liberal government in Ottawa tables legislation to protect Canadians who claim to be “transgender.”  For a government supposedly committed to evidence-based policies, their decision to have a well-scripted 10-year old child, who claims to be a transgender girl, speak at the press conference leaves one aghast.  Are they using a child to create a spectacle in an attempt to cover-up the fact that there is no transgender-specfic level one evidence in medical literature?

Or, should those who raise concerns about the moral and social consequences of such a bill be reassured by the indepth, unbiased reporting of the newstainment media that say the transgender issue is just “misunderstood?”

While we ponder these questions, the words of Voltaire help to put all this in perspective:

“The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity.”


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