Travel ban is NOT a Muslim ban

For your and the left wing, newstainment media’s information:

Ms. Raheel RazaIf, a Canadian-Pakastani and author of Their JihadNot My Jihad! was a recent guest on Toronto AM640’s John Oakley Show.  She said if the travel ban was a Muslim ban it would apply to all 56 Muslim countries of the worldnot just 7.

She writes about how the religion of Isalm has been distorted:

“… the true interpretation of jihad (moral, intellectual and spiritual striving) and that violence and suicide are forbidden in Islam, there are many people in positions of authority within the Muslim world who simultaneously promote and condone violence.  These are Islamists who believe their jihad is physical violence against civilians seen to be their enemy; to blow themselves up for political aims and to rid the earth of non-Muslims.”

Not surprisingly, she called for a travel ban a year ago.

There are actions that Muslim nations could take to curb this distortion.  The link below refers to the persecution of non-Muslim residents:  “If Islam is a religion of peace, then it needs to provide freedom and protection under law to anyone to practice their religion.”

A caller to the show, formerly of Iraq, praised President Trump’s travel ban saying he didn’t want the poison infecting his homeland to follow him here.

The ban is not unprecedented:  16 Muslim states, including Yemen, Iran, Iraq and Syria ban Israelis from entering their countries.


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