Voter apathy got you down?

If you suffer from voter apathy give Ms. Eunsun Kim’s book a read.  A Thousand Miles to Freedom recounts how she and what was left of her family tried to survive in North Korea’s brutal totalitarian reality.

What really got to us were the attempts to stave off starving to death.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Soon, I started skipping meals. On the balcony, I found some dusty turnip leaves, left over from when we had spread them there to dry in the sun. I grabbed some of the least discolored leaves to boil and make into a soup. For two days, I survived on this tasteless concoction. Another two days passed, during which time I didn’t eat anything.”1

Surviving a totalitarian regime is the best cure for voter apathy; reading Ms. Kim’s book is the next best.



  1. Eunsun Kim with Sébastien Falletti,  A Thousand Miles to Freedom:  My Escape from North Korea.  Translated by David Tian.  New York: St. Martin Press, 2015


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