Vulnerable People Are Priority One For Governments

As a taxpayer, is it important to you that your governments understands what is essential government spending and what is not?

For governments in an advanced and civil society, nothing takes priority over maintaining the quality of care and the quality of life of these two groups:

  • persons with a mental illness and/or physical illness
  • persons with a mental disability and/or physical disability


Not even:

  1. The name a school must call a club
  2. All-day-kindergarten
  3. Ineffective bureaucracies
  4. How to divide tips
  5. Junior kindergarten
  6. Another college or university building
  7. Paving a club’s parking lot
  8. Delays in the legal system
  9. A new high school
  10. Education sector bureaucracies
  11. Energy subsidies
  12. A new elementary school
  13. Inefficient bureaucracies
  14. Business subsides
  15. Teacher pensions
  16. Another college or university building
  17. A new street
  18. Wind turbines
  19. Bloated bureaucracies
  20. Consultants
  21. A new highway
  22. Solar panels
  23. Non-teaching school staff
  24. Did we mention another college or university building?

Did we miss anything?

For more information, see the report from the Drummond Commission.

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