Why hate?

Dr. Micheal Savage prescient work:  Stop Mass Hysteria gives us an understanding of just what is going on.  Here’s how he starts:

“Hatred is the air.  We are living in the age of hate, in which mental pollution is worse than air pollution.  The most  accessible and comprehensive of all unifying agents, hatred is spreading like a virus into-all-to willing hosts.  It unifies knee-jerk liberals, no matter what their other influences.  Hatred of conservatives, Trump, and his voters is just one of many cases of mass hysteria infecting American society today, but it is likely the most destructive.”

An equally good read is Trump’s War.  It explains who and what Mr. Trump has taken on and why people try to undermine his presidency at every turn.  And why his name comes up, often before the perpetrator(s), when crimes are committed, when crimes are attempted and when pseudo crimes are committed.

Here are two excerpts:

“But despite everything we’re up against—the most propagandist media in world history, far left radicals who have taken complete control of the Democractic Party, the “progressive” brown shirts who increasingly act like Hitler’s SA in fomenting violent rebellion in our streets, the traitors among our own ranks—we’ve won some victories.”

“But it’s a sign Trump and his supporters are going to have to be vigilant. We’re going to have to watch these snakes every minute for four to eight long years because they’ve already shown whose side they’re on—their own.

In addition to the liberals, the neocons, the war profiteers, the corporate lobbyists, the evil of the place itself. Donald Trump must fight what, again, might be the most formidable enemy he faces: temptation. The temptation to be assimilated into the Washington swamp, instead of draining it, is powerful.”


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