Why no apoplectic newstainment media in 1995?


We recall barely a whimper from ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, NPR, PBS and the New York Times (to name a few) in the US and CBC, CHCH, CTV, Global, TVO and the Toronto Star (to name a few) in Canada to President Clinton’s State of the Union words on immigration.

He endorsed “a national computer system to keep track of citizens and aliens authorized to work” in the US.

Here’s the New York Times’ whimper buried in the article:

“The proposal  has drawn criticism from ethnic and immigrant groups, but the White House hopes it will stand as a contrast to more conservative proposals like California’s Proposition 187, which, now stayed by the courts, would deny public services and benefits to undocumented aliens.”

We also recall 1995 being a less than profitable time for professional protesters.

Hypocrisy alert!



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