Will You Please Clean Up Your Mess?

When we were children, how many times did our parents ask us this question?

We learned, sometimes the hard way, that life runs smoother if we all clean up after ourselves.  We also learned the extension of this rule:  Leave things better than you found them.

The fact that many cities are plagued with derelict, contaminated, and otherwise compromised properties shows that we forget all too easily these important rules most of us learned as children.


Will this entry jog the memories of current and former owners (and their heirs) of compromised properties?  Will they ask themselves if there is an opportunity for them to truly make the words “give back” ring true?


For instance, will it inspire those who didn’t clean up their mess, or leave things better than they found them at the Mohawk-Greenwich and Sydenham-Pearl industrial sites in Brantford, Ontario to pickup the tab for the clean up?

We are sure that the taxpayers of Brantford, of Ontario, and of Canada would appreciate it if this bill was taken off their collective backs.

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