Yoohoo, Ontario PCs … over here

It may be the summer heat that has caused Ontario PCs to loose sight of what are THE issues in Ontario.

Let’s start with how the summer was kicked-off.  Who can forget those ominous words from Mr. David Suzuki:  “… we’re in trouble and not enough adults are listening,” to our children in a commercial produced with your Ontario tax dollars about so-called “climate change.”  Auditor General Bonnie Lysk chastised the government for producing the ad, which would have been banned under the old rules.  It’s long on scare tactics and short on useful specifics.

The FarmersForum.com picks up on this lack of concrete, scientific specifics in the link below.  They point out:  “He (Suzuki) just does not engage with anybody on any meaningful level who wants to debate with him or discuss with him.”

You can see evidence of this when he is questioned on Australian ABC-TV.  The following excerpt from the transcript1 shows that he appears to lack the basic facts about global temperatures; specifically, the main data sets that IPCC use to track global temperatures.

BILL KOUTALIANOS: Oh, hi. Since 1998 global temperatures have been relatively flat, yet many man-made global warming advocates refuse to acknowledge this simple fact. Has man-made global warming become a new religion in itself?

TONY JONES: David, go ahead.

DAVID SUZUKI: Yeah, well, I don’t know why you’re saying that. The ten hottest years on record, as I understand it, have been in this century. In fact, the warming continues. It may have slowed down but the warming continues and everybody is anticipating some kind of revelation in the next IPCC reports that are saying we got it wrong. As far as I understand, we haven’t. So where are you getting your information? I’m not a climatologist. I wait for the climatologists to tell us what they’re thinking.

TONY JONES: Do you want to respond to that, Bill?

BILL KOUTALIANOS: Sure, yeah. UAH, RSS, HadCRUT, GISS data shows a 17-year flat trend which suggests there may be something wrong with the Co2 warming theory?

DAVID SUZUKI: Sorry, yeah, what is the reference? I don’t…

BILL KOUTALIANOS: Well, they’re the main data sets that IPCC use: UAH, University of Alabama, Huntsville; GISS, Goddard Institute of Science; HadCRUT. I don’t know what that stands for, HadCRUT; and RSS, Remote Sensing something. So those data sets suggest a 17-year flat trend, which suggests there may be a problem with the Co2.

DAVID SUZUKI: No, well, there may be a climate sceptic down in Huntsville, Alabama, who has taken the data and come to that conclusion. I say, let’s wait for the IPCC report to come out and see what the vast bulk of scientists who have been involved in gathering this information will tell us.


Perhaps the Ontario government needs to rethink who they hitch there climate propaganda wagon to.  While they’re at it, they may want to do the same with the notion of “climate change” and the financial cost of their so-called solutions to taxpayers.  Otherwise, one of Mr. Suzuki’s prophecies will come to pass:  “Who will have to live with the consequences?”



1.  “Climate campaigner David Suzuki doesn’t know what the climate temperature data sets are.” wattsupwiththat.com. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/09/24/climate-campaigner-david-suzuki-doesnt-know-what-the-climate-temperature-data-sets-are/ (accessed 30 August 2016)


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