3 cheers for all-male clubs & all-female clubs

One of the flaws of the human condition (props to Mr. John Oakley, AM640) is our attachment to nonsense.  Its made worse when this nonsense is propagated by the usual cast of characters.  The reaction to federal Finance Minister, Joe Oliver’s scheduled speech to the Cambridge Club of Toronto (a private, all-male club) is an example.  He was criticized for being sexist and elitist.  He cancelled.

Anyone who opposes all-male or all-female clubs is just plain insecure.

Postmedia’s Ms. Christie Blatchford sums it up:  “If ever this was a battle worth the candle, and that’s dubious, it seems to me that over the years men and women have come to a civilized and equitable arrangement:  Men can have their clubs, like the Cambridge, and women can have theirs, like the Curves chain and other women-only workout joints…”

By the way, Scouting was ruined when “co-educational organizations” were introduced; has your son signed up for Brownies yet?


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