A city whines that it lacks tax revenue, yet …

… the athletic complex mania continues unabated in Brantford, Ontario with the latest additions:

1) The $3.2M Bison’s Alumni Field (under construction beside North Park Collegiate), a joint project between the City of Brantford and the Grand Erie District School Board

2) the proposed $10.5M (phase I) North of Shellard Sports/Recreation Complex for the southwest

Mr. Warren Bechard gives us in the link below an inventory of the plethora of athletic complexes, etc. that are at the southwest’s disposal (who are first citizens of Brantford, and residents of the Shellard Lane area second).  All of which tells us that the Shellard Sports/Recreation complex proposal is a redundant use of taxpayers’ dollars.

We note that there is plenty of room for a splash pad and playground at the southwest’s underused and underdeveloped Lions Park Arena Steve Brown Sports Complex.

Lions Park Arena Steve Brown Sports Complex 20 Edge St., Brantford Ontario © CityofInsight.com

Lions Park Arena Steve Brown Sports Complex, 20 Edge St., Brantford, Ontario © CityofInsight.com


It’s puzzling that some people commute 2, 3, 4 or more hours daily, yet are unwilling to drive a few minutes to one of the many EXISTING taxpayer funded city athletic complexes.  (Hmm, how many Shellard folks would walk (that physical activity costs taxpayers nothing), instead of drive, to a new Shellard Sports/Recreation complex?)



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