A city whines that it lacks tax revenue, yet …

… a few months ago Brantford, Ontario approved monies for the design and manufacturing of a new marquee for the deficit plagued Sanderson Centre.  The estimated cost is $100,000.

The Brant News reported last spring that the manufacturing process will be tendered.  Unfortunately, the design process was not.

As you can see, the current marquee looks just fine thank you very much.

A city whines that it lacks tax revenue, yet

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But wait, there’s more.  A tender has been put out for renovations to the dressing rooms, the first and second level washrooms and the green room.

This work is said to be needed to spruce the place up for its 100th anniversary in 2019.

We note that new carpet was installed in 2014 (why wasn’t this cost released?) and about $350,000 in repairs were done to the ceiling the same year.

Yes, the Sanderson Centre is one of Brantford’s architectural jewels and it should be maintained.  Does that mean the city government should be in the arts and entertainment business?  No.  The city government should retain ownership of the asset to preserve its existence, and contract out management to the appropriate professional.

The best way for the Sanderson Centre to mark its 100th is to curb its want of unnecessary renovations and run a surplus.  Then, it won’t exacerbate Brantford’s apparent lack of tax revenue.


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