A union works for its membership

The payment of Millions (the exact figure keeps twisting in the wind just like the story behind it; maybe its $3.7 or maybe $7.1) to teachers unions in Ontario to cover the cost of negotiating defies all logic.  It smacks of more abuse of taxpayers’ dollars.

When we last checked, a union works for its membershipnot the employers of its membership.  Union dues are paid to cover the work of the union.

Why is the province paying millions to teachers’ unions, you ask?  Mr. McParland of the National Post reports that, “teachers and affiliated unions have spent $6.5 million supporting the Liberals in the past three elections, on top of direct donations to the party approaching $1 million.”  Let’s also recall what the Working Families coalition (comprised mostly of public sector unions) spent on a sensationalized ad campaign against Mr. Hudak in the 2014 election.  It’s a classic quid pro quo.  Taxpayers foot the bill for never-ending appeasement; money that could be used for legitimate priorities.

Over the last twelve years Ontario has gone through a laundry list of snafus, e.g.,  e-Health, Ornge and cancelled gas plants.  (Oh, excuse us, that’s all “water under the bridge.”)  Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised at the latest.

We also shouldn’t be surprised at what may happen on a national scale, because Mr. Trudeau surrounds himself with what Ms. Blizzard calls “McGuinty leftovers.”  She warns us that the past may repeat itself.  “Based on the track record of the McGuinty government, which almost doubled the provincial debt in 10 years, I fearlessly predict Trudeau’s government will never balance the books.”


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