Brantford’s athletic complex mania, part 2

We have two more athletic complexes to add to the list we started last summer:

Athletic complex #4:  $3.2 Million Bison’s Alumni Field (under construction beside North Park Collegiate)

Bison's Alumni Field ©

Bison’s Alumni Field ©


  • City: ?
  • Add-ons: $362K
  • Capital fundraising (non-government sources): ?

At some point, we will probably hear apologies from all levels of government to past players who endured undue hardship and lingering effects from playing on natural turf fields in Brantford.


Athletic complex #5:  $350K (est.) Bike Park (proposed for Waterworks Park)


  • Prov: $150K
  • City:  $ ?
  • Capital fundraising (non-government sources): $100K (Rotary)

The bike park idea has been in the works for some time.  The minor issue, so it appears the bike park folks thought, of consulting with citizens only happened recently.  Their concernsthe noise and the environmental impactare anything but minor.

One wonders why it took so long to ask citizens.  The proposed boundary adjustment, closures of Arrowdale Golf Course and Earl Haig Park should have taught Brantford’s city hall a lesson:  you first ask taxpayers what they think.

As far as the province’s contribution, with a $5.7 Billion deficit, a net debt of $296.1 Billion apparently a $150K handout isn’t a problem.  Well, sorry to rain on the bike park parade, it is a problem because the province is drowning in red ink.

A handout for a bike park is beyond reproach when frontline health care workers are hassled over compensation (while a bloated health care bureaucracy persists) and electricity is at absurd rates.


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