Brantford Bike Park: Who is bullying who?

Who needs TIFF when we have Brantford, Ontario’s city hall.  The latest melodrama to be released is about the alleged bike park proposal brawl on social media.  Accusations of bullying are flying between the yes camp and the no camp.  Isn’t it strange how often the word bullying comes up when citizens disagree with a city hall decision.

We still can’t find even a trace of the exchange; has it all been removed?  As you’d expect, Brantford “City Hall” Expositor’s FB contains nothing; Brant News’ FB refers to the story with secondary source public comments.

The crux here is that citizens feel they have been shutout of the decision making process.

Bowing to pressure, city hall has finally scheduled a public meeting for tomorrow at TB Costain Community Centre, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The meeting will start with the usual lecture on how you must behave to ensure the utmost respect for those presenting the meeting.  But when it comes to the ground rules for city hall respecting citizens:  The fact that asking the general public for their view on the bike park proposal was overlooked, or purposely left for late in the process, shows there are none.

If a city hall wants to foster good relations with its citizens, it should remember to ask for their views on a proposal well before a celebrity endorsed rah-rah party.



The City of Brantford Draft Official Plan is currently available for public comment.  In Schedule 1:  Growth Management,  Waterworks Park (the proposed bike skills park site) is designated a “Core Natural Area.”

Schedule 2:  Land Use designates Waterworks Park as a “Core Natural Area.”

There is nothing natural about a bike skills park.

Schedule 9:  Bikeway & Trails Network Plan indicates no bike park.

Why would a city approve a bike park that is not part of its official plan?


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