Brantford-Brant boundary adjustment babble

If you want a reality check on the proposed Brantford-Brant boundary adjustment just walk around the city.  You will quickly notice acres of vacant land and buildings throughout Brantford.

The area around Lynden Rd., Roy Blvd. and Woodyatt Dr. is an example of the plethora of excellent space available for sale or lease.  Following is what is available at time of post:

1) 143 Lynden Rd., 6245 SF (CBRE)

IMG_23802) 150 Lynden Rd., 12.5 ACRES (Coldwell Banker)

3) Lynden Rd. & Dalkeith Dr.  1200 SF (Remax)

4) Lynden Rd. & Dalkeith Dr.  2480 SF (Remax)

5) Lynden Rd. & Roy Blvd. approx. 12,000 SF (Coldwell Banker)

IMG_23706) 20 Roy Blvd., 10 units, approx 230,000 SF

7) 60 Roy Blvd., 15,500 SF (Remax)

8) 19 Sage Crt. 15, 500 SF (CBRE)

9) 121 Roy Blvd. 20,000 SF (Remax)

10) 17 Woodyatt Dr.  10,314 SF (Whitney)

11) 51 Woodyatt Dr. 5,015 SF (Blair, Blanchard, Stapleton)

IMG_236212) Woodyatt Dr. (behind Lynden Park Mall)  approx. 8 ACRES (not for sale or lease, but unused)

Rounded off, the approximate total of vacant land and buildings is 28 ACRES.  That’s just in this section of Brantford!

There may actually come a day when there is no available land in Brantford.  When that happens, Ward 3 Candidate Mike Quattrocchi has the right approach:  Instead of a grandiose deal, the city could negotiate with the County of Brant for a small chunk of land on an as needed basis.  This could be a joint venture.

When the last square inch of available property in Brantford is properly used, the champagne is on us!  Until then let’s find something useful to babble about.


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