Brantford Brant Boundary Talks: County Draggin’ its Feet?

Clarity is good.

To be clear, contrary to some reports, the County of Brant is not dragging its feet in making a decision on the Brantford Brant Boundary Proposal.  The County of Brant is following due process, something the City of Brantford keeps learning about from the county.

The county saw the importance of asking citizens what they think, which the county proceeded to do.

The county saw the importance of asking Six Nations what they think, which the county proceeded to do.  Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Linda Jeffrey emphasized the importance of this in her letter to the county:  “I want to take this opportunity to remind you of the need for meaningful consultation with First Nations regarding a municipal restructuring proposal,”

Expanding the size of any municipality has far-reaching consequences.  That’s why following due process matters.  It ensures that all the issues are revealed.  Mr. Michael-Allan Marion recently reported* that county councillors are doing just that.

Here are some highlights:

I won’t support it.  (It) needs to be tightened up so future councils will understand it.  We’re not going to be here when a lot of what is proposed is supposed to come to pass.”

“From Day 1, I have had problems with the process and its decades-long timeframe.  A lot of change can happen in that time to change the forecasts”

“I have concerns about how to make the city use up all its industrial land first before using farmland.  It still has a lot of industrial land in private hands.”


It’s worth repeating that the Hemson Consulting Inc. reports used by the province to forecast growth show that Brantford can reach growth targets without the need for additional land.


*Michael-Allan Marion, “Most Brant councillors line up against letter of intent,” The Expositor,  December 13, 2013, A1


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