Brantford’s athletic complex mania

Mr. Twain was right:  “Truth is stranger than fiction.”  It boggles the mind that the municipality of Brantford, the Ontario government and the Canadian government have no scruples over the apparent inexhaustible use of the taxpayer’s dollar to fund the athletic complex mania in Brantford.


That dollar is being squeezed further by the building of the $58.4M athletic complex #2 …
Brantford's athletic complex mania

Laurier Branford-YMCA, ©


  • Feds:  $16.7M
  • Prov:  $16.7M
  • City:  $5.2M or $5.8M
  • Laurier U: $7.4M
  • YMCA: $7.4M
  • Capital fundraising (non-government sources):  $8.6M


and the building of the $2M athletic complex #3 …

Brantford's athletic complex mania

Pauline Johnson Collegiate Kiwanis Field, ©


  • Feds:  $50K
  • Prov:  $100K
  • City:  $400K
  • School Board: $400K
  • Capital fundraising (non-government sources):  $592K


when the $64.3M athletic complex #1 still is not paid for …

Brantford's athletic complex mania

Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, ©


  • Feds:  $16M
  • Prov:  $16M
  • City & some capital fundraising:  $32.3M
  • Official Opening:  Sept. 2013
  • Original Budget (2007): $37M
  • Cost Overrun:  $27.3M
  • Recent repairs:  $1M


When it comes to sports it appears anything goes; heck the final bill isn’t in yet for the Pan American Games, er … oh … and the Para Pan American games haven’t started yet…(come on don’t spoil the fun, says our other self) but there’s still room on Toronto’s plate for a 2024 Olympic bid.  Whew!

Surely we’re not pawns in well orchestrated plans?

Ah, but there is hope; with the coming facelift for democracy let’s take a chapter out of the Swiss handbook.  We can mitigate government dysfunction through referendums for decisions beyond the day-to-day running of a jurisdiction.

So instead of going to a movie this weekend, tune into the government channel for the latest drama.



June 2016 update on final cost of Pauline Johnson Collegiate Kiwanis Field:  $3.2M.


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