Brantford-Brant boundary babble, part 4

At Brantford, Ontario’s CURRENT size its a challenge for it to maintain basic infrastructure, such as:

  • roads
  • sidewalks
  • bridges
  • retaining walls
  • culverts
  • water distribution (a lead-free drinking water system)
  • wastewater management (sewers)
  • stormwater management
  • solid waste/landfill system
  • public transit
  • corporate fleet

The latest Brantford-Brant boundary adjustment proposal proclaimed in a memorandum of understanding—a non-binding agreement—suggests Brantford should acquire 2454 hectares (6064 acres).

That means Brantford will need more roads, more sewers, more water distribution, etc.

At its CURRENT size, Brantford has difficulty maintaining the basics of a city.  If Brantford adds 2454 hectares (6064 acres) will this job be made easier or more difficult?

When will the items in the above list, as they exist TODAY, be brought up to at least a good condition if the city adds more land?


Brantford's boundary babble


If 2454 hectares (6064 acres) are added to Brantford, when will the city’s CURRENT roads be brought up to at least a good condition?


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