City Budget Games: councillors’ musings, part 2

With all the hand-wringing going on at Brantford City Hall over the 2015 budget, what could be on the minds of councillors?

“Hey, shouldn’t us COUNCILLORS come up with better ways to administer TAXPAYERS’ dollars?”

“Relying on staff for ‘the list’ is the TAIL WAGGING THE DOG”

“Why is the Community Services Dept. and the mayor beating the WORN-OUT boundary adjustment drum again?  They think our problems would be solved if the city had more land.  At its CURRENT size, Brantford is BEHIND in the maintenance of:

  • roads
  • bridges, retaining walls and culverts
  • sidewalks
  • water distribution
  • elimination of lead pipes.”

“If a small city can’t manage THE BASICS, it won’t manage the basics when its bigger.”

“If we got the basics right, lack of assessment shouldn’t be problem…wait a minute, $766,000 is not too shabby.”

“People keep telling us we have too many unused, underused and misused properties….where’s the private sector….where’s the Chamber of Commerce?”

“Small and medium size businesses are the backbone of the economy (which includes Brantford), they don’t require mega acres of land…wait a minute…we do have mega acres of vacancies.”

“Is the BIA levy a cash grab?  How many businesses has it attracted and kept in the downtown?”

“Okaying $21,500 for the air show and cutting $3,300 for equipment at John Noble Home tells seniors they should probably hitch a ride out of here on the planes after the show.”

“The library and John Noble Home spending that we are picking on is a pittance compared to WAGES AND BENEFITS (the other elephant in the room)—Utley’s HIRING FREEZE idea is right on the money (good pun, eh).”

“Why is the DEBT ignored during these budget talks and in the media?”

“Hey, who UNPLUGGED my mic?”


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