City government not in golf business

A city government that understands its role and its responsibility to taxpayers knows that it has enough on its plate without owning and operating (a) golf course(s).  Maybe the City of Brantford, Ontario is starting to understand this idea given its intent to sell Arrowdale Public Golf Course.  But, only a partial epiphany may happen because there is chatter about using the proceeds from the sale to spruce up the city’s other course, Northridge.

The city proposes the Arrowdale land be used for residential development.  (We thought the need for employment lands in Brantford is the priority.)  Citizens are concerned about the loss of an oasis of green space within the city; a legitimate concern.  This can be solved by retaining a portion of the property for a city park.

However, its possible that a private golf course owner/operator may be interested in Arrowdale as is, in which case the green space stays.


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