Do you mind paying twice for your federal bldg?

Federal Bldg, 60 Dalhousie St, Brantford, Ontario ©

Federal Bldg, 60 Dalhousie St, Brantford, Ontario ©

Astute citizens make excellent points on Brantford, Ontario’s city council’s misguided decision to purchase Brantford’s Federal Building from the feds.

  •  There is only one taxpayer.  Therefore, you the taxpayers of Brantford and those gone before you have already paid for the Federal Building and its supposed upkeep.  It is ludicrous for you to pay for this building again in a so-called real-estate “deal.”

  •  The city says it needs the Federal Building to consolidate staff.  Really?  Taxpayers were told the Market Square purchase was going to accomplish that.
Lorne Crescent is smoother than Colborne St.

Deplorable Streets in Brantford, Ontario ©

  • Too many city streets are in a deplorable condition, especially the arterials, e.g., Colborne and Dalhousie.  “We are taking on another project, while we can’t maintain the city we have.”

  • The next too-truthy-for-the-online-version letter 1 points out that before the city adds $12M to its multi-million dollar debenture tally ($18M for Greenwich-Mohawk clean up; $5M for Sydenham-Pearl clean up and …) it should ask taxpayers what they think.  Its illogical to say the consolidation of departments will save the city $800K.  When the inevitable rise in rates occurs the interest will exceed this amount.
  • “City council has a credibility problem that only can be resolved in open and frank discussions and not by close-door meetings, which create an aura of secrecy, manipulation and favouritism.”


1. Gerry Van Dongen. 2016.  “Opinion Consult Public on Federal Building  Purchase,” Brantford Expositor, November 21.


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