Extra billing: okay and not okay


Chart summary transfer

Day Care Notes

Disability tax credit form

Driver’s D.O.T. physical exam & form

Immunization Record

Insurance Disability Forms

Life Insurance Death Certificate

Newborn circumcision

Off work/school note

School/Camp form

Skin Lesions

T.B. Skin Test

Telephone Advice

Travel Cancellation Insurance Form

Travel Immunization



Pap Smear


Prescription for eye injection

Prescription renewals

Procedures that are a normal, regular part of medical care, such as prescription renewals, should not be extra-billed.  Likewise, neither should procedures that are preventative or curative, such as a pap smear or physio.  A prescription for an eye injection (macular degeneration) or any other prescription applicable to a procedure that is covered by OHIP should not be extra-billed.


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