Federal election ’19 postmortum

1. It’s outrageous that the west knew how the east voted before the west voted!  Election results should be sealed until ALL polling stations have CLOSED.  (Can you hear that?  It’s the hysterics from the newstainment media.)

2. Do you like being used?  Do you  like being distracted?  Do you like being manipulated?  It’s nobody’s business who you vote for, or why so don’t tell political parties, pollsters or the newstainment media.  Stand up for a One Poll Election.  That means pollsters get a holiday during the official campaign.

3.  Three-term limit and then it’s Sayonara.  Thanks for your service.  The “Hazel McCallion Syndrome” (The Honourable Ralph Goodale is a good federal example) does not bolster our democracy.

4.  La Belle Province is in love with itself (and its precious Bloc Québécois) and gee why notVive le Québec libre?”  This love must be matched by a new party system that joins The Bloc in the House of Commons (we’re seeing similar action in the Senate these days):

  • Canada West
  • Canada Mid-West
  • Canada Central
  • Canada East
  • Canada Northwest
  • Canada Northeast

Lovers of one region join lovers of another region for democractic bliss!

5.  If all else fails it’s time scrap our tired, bloated and abused system for the likes of governance à la the spirit of the Isle of Eigg:  a revolving volunteer governing committee of citizens (aged 18+) from all walks of life.

“Vive le Canada libre!”


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