Federal election ’19 primer: Social engineering run amok

LADIES and GENTLEMEN, GIRLS and BOYS, do you recall your MP contacting you for your input on Bill C-16, which added legal protection for “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal code?


No.  Well, it’s a good time to ask HIM or HER why not.  Citizens must make sure their governments don’t run amok and when they do to take appropriate action.

Why run amok?

Dailycaller.com reported on what Prof. Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto said at a Senate hearing before the vote on the bill:

“Prof. Peterson insisted that it infringed upon citizens’ freedom of speech and institutes what he views as dubious gender ideology into law.”

“Compelled speech has come to Canada,” stated Peterson. “We will seriously regret this.”

“[Ideologues are] using unsuspecting and sometimes complicit members of the so-called transgender community to push their ideological vanguard forward,” said the professor to the Senate in May. “The very idea that calling someone a term that they didn’t choose causes them such irreparable harm that legal remedies should be sought [is] an indication of just how deeply the culture of victimization has sunk into our society.”


If the election is not a done deal as the newstainment media and pollsters appear to want us to believe, maybe your vote should send a message that government needs to return to the basics of governing (such as dealing with the $697,000,000.000.00 Canadian debt) instead of farting around with taxpayers’ money and time engineering social mores.

By the way, the debt increased by $2,260,000.00 in the last hour.

Oh, Canada!

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