Follow Singapore & Taiwan lead on coronavirus

Singapore’s response to the coronavirus is a good template for states/provinces, says Dr. Michael Savage in his podcast of yesterday.

They implemented the standard epidemiological response early on, which includes:

  • vigilance
  • rapid response
  • testing
  • isolating the sick
  • scrupulous tracing of contacts
  • quarantine of the exposed and vulnerable (NOT the entire population)
  • social distancing
  • providing credible information

Mr. Tom Blackwell, National Post, reported how Singapore:

“… followed up SARS by building a national centre for infectious disease, a dedicated 330-bed facility.  (Hmm, what was Canada’s follow-up?)

It started health and temperature screening of passengers from Wuhan on January 3, and of all incoming travellers by the end of that month. Coronavirus tests were rapidly increased to 2,200 a day.

As many as 50 police officers a day are assigned to track down contacts of infected people or find the source of a cluster of infections. “It’s like crime-solving,” said Assistant police superintendent Johnny Lim …”

Their success is evident in that schools, workplaces, stores and restaurants are open with restrictions.

How Taiwan and Singapore managed to contain COVID-19, while letting normal life go on


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