Greenwich-Mohawk: recoup clean-up costs

The City of Brantford purports to need more land for employment and housing, yet it appears city council is entertaining the idea of turning the former Greenwich-Mohawk industrial site into a glorified park.

At an estimated $30 Million for the ongoing clean-up of the site, that’s an expensive park with little to no tax revenue to recoup taxpayers’ dollars used for the costly clean-up option.

If a park (which means greenery will fill the bulk of the space) is what Brantford citizens (as opposed to politicians) truly want, then why wasn’t the more cost-effective phytoremediation used?

We will only know for sure what the citizens of Brantford want for the Greenwich-Mohawk site through a referendum.

And yes, phytoremediation is able to reduce total petroleum hydrocarbons in contaminated soil.


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