How close is a dollar store?

Is the new standard for a city the answer to:  how close is a dollar store?  Wow!  Knowing that a dollar store is around the corner is enough to get anyone out of bed an hour earlier in the morning.

So, the people of west Brantford, Ontario should be happy that a new dollar store is opening soon in a new plaza (outdoor mall) on Colborne St. W at Oak St.

How close is the nearest dollar store?

Colborne St. W at Oak St.

When city hall reviewed this proposal, did anyone stop and note that there is a dollar store in the outdoor mall, 50 Market St. S at Icomm Dr a few blocks away?

We are told the site of the new dollar store has been left undeveloped for years.  In fact, this has served west Brantford well as a parking lot.  These days, though, parking lots are an endangered species.  There is a driving ambition to fill parking lots with, you guest it, more buildings to create the typical outdoor mall.

It appears to matter little that a stone’s throw away from the new dollar store is an underused outdoor mall (at the corner of Colborne and Oak Sts.)

How close is the nearest dollar store?

Colborne St. W at Oak St.

What should get priority in a city?


1) unused, underused and misused existing buildings

2) unused, underused and misused land

Will better thinking go into the development of the former Stelco property down the street at Colborne St. W. and Welsh St?


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