How close is that other dollar store?

Ever wondered how much thought goes into what goes where in a city?  How does urban planning work?

In a recent post we questioned the building of a dollar store on Colborne St., W. in Brantford, Ontario because four blocks away there is dollar store.

An observant citizen pointed out to us that there is yet another dollar store across the street from the one just built on Colborne St. W.

How close is that other dollar store?

105 Colborne St., West, Brantford, Ontario

Ordinary thinking is:  It doesn’t matter what goes on an unused piece of land or in an empty building as long as something goes there.

It’s more difficult to think, first, about what is the best use of an unused piece of land, or an empty building, based on the city layout; if the land or building is used for “x” how does it affect the city as a whole?

If we want better cities, what is built and where it’s built are equally important.


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