Hypocrisy & mendacity of government

How much time and other resources (i.e., taxpayers dollars) were spent on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (launched in 2008; final report released in 2015)?

Truth and Reconciliation has been trumpeted by all levels of government for eleven years.  “Look over here.  Yeah, over here!  Aren’t we doing a fabulous job on the First Nations thing?”

For over forty years (as reported by The Toronto Star), the people of Grassy Narrows First Nation, Kenora Ontario, have suffered from a water supply poisoned with mercury.

If Truth and Reconciliation Commission wasn’t enough motivation for concrete action to give the people of Grassy Narrows clean water to drink, what is?

Imagine if just a portion of the time and other resources cited above were focused on clean drinking water at Grassy Narrows.

Perhaps the protestors who raised the issue while the PM was speaking at a recent Liberal Party fund raiser will spark some interest.


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