Improve the Management of Cities

What can Ontario taxpayers learn from the following two headline-grabbing issues?

  • Toronto’s Sheppard Subway Extension Proposal
  • Brantford’s Saga of the South Side of Colborne Street, the latest installment:  Laurier/Y Proposal

These are examples of how Ontario city governments suffer from dysfunction and mismanagement.  The result is an inefficient use of taxpayers’ dollars and lost opportunity.

In part, this reality stems from a lack of clarity in the relationships between the federal, provincial and municipal governments.

The remedy:

  1. Overhaul the Ontario Municipal Act based on a broad consultation with Ontarians and all levels of government
  2. Make referendums mandatory for decisions beyond the day-to-day functioning of a municipality
  3. Enforce the Ontario Municipal Act
  4. Abolish or overhaul the Ontario Municipal Board

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