“Just the facts, ma’am”

The drama percolates.  The plots thicken.  The accusations fly.  The newstainment media salivates.  The Political Class breaks into a cold sweat.  The fact and fiction meter is about to explode.  It’s fodder for a TV sitcom:  As Ontario Turns.

Let’s look at just the facts of Mr. Hudak’s plan (page 15) to create a government citizens can afford (imagine that!).  To accomplish this The Ontario PC Million Jobs Plan states:

“Decrease the number of positions on the government payroll by 100,000, about 10 per cent. That’s the size the government was as recently as 2009.

Vital frontline services such as those performed by nurses, doctors and police will not be affected.

The reduction of government positions will be done by redefining the scope of government to focus on the things it can do best.   As government gets out of businesses in which it does not belong, many of these jobs will be transferred to Ontario companies.  When employees retire, many of these positions will not be filled.

A new focus on frontline service will mean fewer administrative jobs.

Government’s payroll will also shrink as it eliminates agencies and programs that don’t offer good value for the taxpayer.  Combined, these actions will reduce the size of the public sector from slightly more than 1,000,000 Ontarians to a size we can all afford.”

So, there it is.

Does it say “thousands of teachers will be fired?”  No.

Does it say there will be “massive cuts to health and education”?  No.

Does it say that Ontario PCs are “anti-labour”?  No.

No armageddon.  No double talk.  Just sound management.  That’s all Ontario taxpayers need particularly when you consider the bloated bureaucracies that envelop Ontario Energy BoardOntario Power Authority, Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs), Greenbelt Foundation and Metrolinx.  Just a sampling of what Mr. Anthony Furey calls the “mushy middle.”  

He correctly says that many of Ontario’s 600 agencies, boards and commissions should be privatized, or taken over by the applicable ministry to end duplication.

Where’s Sgt. Joe Friday when you need him?

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