“Law” professor?

A former “law” professor suspects that another country may have hacked targets in his country.  He enacts sanctions against said country.

Hmm, how many hacking activities has the former “law” professor’s country been involved in?  Were any of these hacks directed at said country?

You’ve probably heard about the judge who wore, in jest, a cap with an election campaign slogan on it into a courtroom the day after the election and removed it before the proceedings began.

A current “law” professor has, through some apparent implicit legal brilliance, turned this cap into an affront to certain groups of people that the judge may or may not come into contact with.

If there’s time for such a complaint to be submitted and acted upon, it must mean that the courts are a paragon of efficiency and effectiveness.

Since current and former “law” professors have or will soon have lots of time on their hands, they could make some serious coin teaching future illusionists.


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